Our Objective

The Food and Beverage Importers Association has two key aims:
First, to assist members directly:

  • by providing them with all relevant information about the regulations applying to food and beverage imports and
  • by responding to specific queries directly related to a member’s activities

Second, to influence the development of standards and regulatory controls so that their impact is the minimum necessary to achieve good public policy objectives.


The FBIA was formed in 1989 when two associations (the Packaged Food Importers Group and the Bulk Food Importers Group) joined together to respond more effectively to the regulatory challenges facing the industry.

Since then, the Association has worked to promote the interests of importers on a wide range of issues, including:

1. The Imported Food Inspection Scheme, administered by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources
2. Proposed amendments to the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code, especially in relation to maximum residue limits
3. Permit issuing procedures
4. Quarantine Conditions for imports

The Association has a strong history of working to improve the overall regulatory structures governing food & beverage imports. We have done this by being proactive in approaching government agencies, by participating in consultative committees (the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources Cargo Consultative Committee, Imported Food Consultative Committee, the Biologicals Consultative Group, the Food Standards Australia New Zealand Retailers and Manufacturers Liaison Committee) and contributing to government or parliamentary reviews.


Date Location
Tuesday April 3 Melbourne
Thursday May 31 Sydney
Thursday July 19 Canberra
Thursday September 13 Sydney
Thursday November 15 Melbourne – AGM
For  further details, please contact us.


The affairs and activities of the Association are managed by a management committee elected annually by members. Members of the current committee are:

President:  Neil Brand
Vice President: Kim Tonnnet
Treasurer: Quin Scalzo
Executive:  Andrew Hudson
Executive:  Kellie Bradshaw
Executive:  Philippe Vauzelle
Public Officer:  Carolyn Macgill

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